About Us

Our Philosophy

French Designed, American Efficiency, Cambodian Produced


KamasK aims to be at the forefront of providing solutions to tackle the increasingly dangerous health crisis of air pollution.


KamasK was born and developed in the Kingdom of Cambodia in 2016 with the goal of providing efficient, affordable and fashionable anti-pollution masks to all Cambodians. KamasK's innovative and stylish design, coupled with vibrant fabrics, offer a unique alternative to the ordinary pollution mask.


KamasK has partnered with the local NGO Pour un Sourire d'Enfant (PSE) for the production and assembly of the masks, ensuring that each mask is hand made with the standards of fair trade labor practices.


Meet the Team


 Alicia McCartney


American Project Manager


Alicia McCartney is from Washington, DC and previously worked for over a decade in project & risk management for a large secondary mortgage finance corporation.


These days she spends her time teaching English to Cambodian children and adults while promoting the health benefits of wearing KamasK and increasing the awareness of the dangers of air pollution.


You can find her biking the mean streets of Phnom Penh or at the swimming pool, where she likes to take refuge from the summer heat.





 Veasna Srey


French Designer


Veasna Srey has lived and worked in Toulouse, France and Montreal, Canada in the aeronautics and mechanical system design field.  He has consulted for companies such as Airbus and Bombardier.


These days you can find him managing the day-to-day operations of KamasK and at the PSE workshop, where he collaborates closely with staff on product improvements.


In his free time, he tinkers and invents; most recently building electric bicycles in Phnom Penh. He is blessed with a  swiss-army knife full of creative and design talents.